The ByDinaMichele YouTube Channel

I am so excited to announce that BDM official has a YouTube channel! Here, I will be documenting my journey as a photographer, sharing tips and tricks of the trade, and in-depth educational videos on photography skills and topics.
Head over to my channel, ByDinaMichele (link below) to watch my first video, an introduction to The ByDinaMichele Experience. You’ll get to learn a little about who is behind the camera and #DinaDontMiss.
Don’t forget to like, subscribe and tap into my upcoming videos!

The ByDinaMichele Patreon
In addition to YouTube, BDM is also on Patreon! 
Patreon will be the platform I use for all of my content! This platform creates a real relationship between artists and their supporters! The subscription service aspect gives creative control over their mediums while compensating the artist! 
With as little as $3/month you will be able to enjoy photo series in their entirety, behind-the-scenes footage, insight on artistic collaborations, and more!
Head on over to make your pledge today!

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